Rabu, 13 Juli 2011

What's On Seven Eleven Wall?

Convenince retailing was born when an employee if the Southland ICe Co. In Oak Cliff, a suburb of Dallas, Texas, decided to sell milk, bread, and eggs on Sunday when other retailers were closed.

The name "7-Eleven" was created for the growing chain of neighborhood stores that were open from 7 a.m until 11 p.m.
Today, the 7-eleven brand is recognized around the globe.

Owl & Rooster
"Owl & Rooster" television commercial introduced : first for a convenience store chain.

7-Eleven was the first retailer to offer fresh brewed coffee in to-go cups. Today, 7-Eleven sells more than five million cups of coffee every day.

Want more?
Sorry, I can give it more cause I can't see the poster hung on 7-Eleven wall's store.